Independence and autonomy for autistic children from 2 to 12 years old

Know the project

We are a virtual platform for
cognitive and behavioral
development for autistic
children and teenagers.

  • Games-shaped activities to attract and retain children's attention.

  • Active Parental Participation in Child Development

  • Clear and objective planning of the competences to be developed

  • Family & Professional & School Integration

  • Developed from practices and protocols with proven results from evidence based studies (PII & ABA)

  • Artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes and validates the child's evolution keeping the schedule of activities always adequate and updated to the level where the child is


How Emillia works

  • Evaluation

    The planning of activities is prepared according to the needs of each child, based on a complete qualification form.

  • Schedule

    A calendar is presented with the schedule of planned activities.

  • Sessions

    Customizable daily sessions: it is possible to adjust the number of sessions, types of activities, duration and objectives.

  • Blog

    Content for the day-to-day life of autistic children. Tips, Suggestions, Professional Articles and more.

  • Activities

    Gamified activities to stimulate reasoning, memory and cognitive skills.

  • Reports

    Complete reports after each session, so that professionals and family members can validate the child's evolution.

Our goal

The aim of our program is to be a tool to support treatments and therapies, as well as to present a clear method - with beginning, middle and end for each stage and objective - to further involve the participation of family members and caregivers in the child's development.


Based on the ABA and PII protocols, a program of activities is presented to the family member / caregiver so that they develop with their child the skills necessary for a more complete and independent life. In addition to contributing to the improvement of your affective and emotional relationships, your personality and behavior.


It offers a system for managing and controlling face-to-face sessions as well as patient progress reports. Possibility of making the activity program more flexible according to the specific needs of each patient.

Listen to the experts

EMILLIA is a great tool to support therapies. With it it is possible to promote various skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and to be closer to them as they develop.

Carolina Monteiro - Occupational Therapist

EMILLIA is a platform of interactive activities aimed at developing skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, enabling fun and learning.

Rafael H. Pereira - Psychologist